For noemi’s pet Firaffe on subeta.


A small mountain of ash fell on Firaffe’s head. Another leaf burned. His stomach rumbled. If only his horns would go out, he thought. Firaffe shook his head, and the resulting breeze made the flames flicker once, twice, three times, and they lit back up. It gave him an idea.

Firaffe ran to the nearest stream and plunged in. His head was immediately extinguished, and he could almost taste victory, the perfect leaf. But when he surfaced, his horns relit.

So he tried again. And again. And again. Nothing changed. Why did it have to be fire? Eating was hard.

A plop caught his attention, and he looked up. Great, it was raining and he was still hungry. Wait, it was raining! He eagerly galloped back to the tree and, sure enough, a hiss of steam told him the flames were out.

He reached up and up and up —

The rain stopped.

The fire was back.

Ash fell on his head.

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