Like Flying

For Pursuit’s OC Phi on subeta:


The tower she ran her post from was filled with birdsong at dawn and ruffling feathers at dusk. It was peaceful, a sanctuary. Phi loved her birds, her kindred, her closest companions. All angels had kindred animals, but for Phi, they were her greatest comfort and joy. She was a stranger, even in her own family. The few halflings were.

Legend said that once, angels were common as leaves in a forest. But as humanity ascended and their numbers dwindled, the rare angel married a human and had a child. As the product of such an unusual union, Phi found her existence to be a lonely one, made lonelier by her broken wing, for who had ever heard of a flightless angel? Other children — humans and angels and halflings alike — had avoided her when she was young. It was a long and dark path.

That changed when she met Nyx, her faithful snowy owl. Nyx had had a broken wing, too, and Phi nursed her back to health. Nyx could have flown away, though she never forgot Phi’s help, always returning to her side after a hunt.

Nyx hooted, and Phi returned to the task at hand: sorting letters for the day’s delivery. She only asked her birds to fly a comfortable distance and speed. She kept her birds content, her customers content, and life was good. Small, but good.

It was almost as if she could fly.

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