Lucky Cards

For Serene’s OC Yurei on Subeta.


I wander the lands, turn over my cards, and my vision blurs. The Fool: a woman, a runaway dog, an incoming car. I must find her, and say —

Threads of possibilities are everywhere I look, like partially woven tapestries. Some are fateful, others not. None of it affects me, for I am a shade of what I once was, a spirit. I have lost my life but gained gifts, though the gift of seeing the future somehow translates into forgoing my past, save that I possessed regrets until the end. Even that, I regret. Was I happy in my other life? Did I live well? Had I known love? Questions swirl in my mind, unanswered.

But I make the most of my present, and help humans avoid the worst of their fates. It feels like my duty, as someone who Knows, and might aid me on my own journey Beyond. My cards are in a satchel around my wrist, ready to be used. There — the fey woman with a terrier. If I could breathe, I’d have done so in relief. I found her.

I make myself visible, and she nearly trips over her dog. “Greetings,” I begin. “Please do not be alarmed. I am Yurei, a spirit of fate, and I have come with a warning. My cards have shown me that your dog will run and you will crash into a car trying to catch him.”

She startles, tugs the leash, and sighs, “Oh, Scoots. I’m awful with dogs, aren’t I?”

I give her a rare smile.

“The leaves were fine this morning, but — thank you, Yurei,” she continues. “I’ll be careful.”

Humans can sometimes See, but spirits often Know. It is wasted on the departed, for it is too late for us.

Let it be never, for them.

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