Like Flying

For Pursuit’s OC Phi on subeta:


The tower she ran her post from was filled with birdsong at dawn and ruffling feathers at dusk. It was peaceful, a sanctuary. Phi loved her birds, her kindred, her closest companions. All angels had kindred animals, but for Phi, they were her greatest comfort and joy. She was a stranger, even in her own family. The few halflings were.

Legend said that once, angels were common as leaves in a forest. But as humanity ascended and their numbers dwindled, the rare angel married a human and had a child. As the product of such an unusual union, Phi found her existence to be a lonely one, made lonelier by her broken wing, for who had ever heard of a flightless angel? Other children — humans and angels and halflings alike — had avoided her when she was young. It was a long and dark path.

That changed when she met Nyx, her faithful snowy owl. Nyx had had a broken wing, too, and Phi nursed her back to health. Nyx could have flown away, though she never forgot Phi’s help, always returning to her side after a hunt.

Nyx hooted, and Phi returned to the task at hand: sorting letters for the day’s delivery. She only asked her birds to fly a comfortable distance and speed. She kept her birds content, her customers content, and life was good. Small, but good.

It was almost as if she could fly.

Butterfly Wishes

For Serene’s OC Nozomi on subeta.


The last butterfly — the last wish — was feather-light and shining. Nozomi whispered a blessing and released it and the deed was done. Another well-deserving wish granted. A contented smile graced her face, and she closed her lantern, now dark.

Granting wishes was an ancient art, passed down by generation. Nozomi learned from her mother, who learned from her mother. It was secret, but simple: a butterfly, a lantern, an intonation. It was catch-and-release and magic and hope. It was a light in the dark, a guiding star.

She raised her lantern, ready to collect more wishes.

Making Music

It’s cliche, but we were soulmates, love at first sight. We met, we danced, we made music. (You’d say I bit you, we flailed, we created cacophony.)

Was I too demanding? You were thin and haggard at the end, and I hate to think it was because of me. I still remember you fondly. Can you remember me, wherever you are? You were the brightest point of my day, shining like the sun. We were inseparable, you and I.

I can’t see colors — no dog can — but if I could, you’d be a rainbow. Squeak in peace, my departed toy.

Rising Light

She ran her fingers through her black hair, newly streaked with gold, unused to the absence of horns. Lilith tried to flick her tail in exasperation, then remembered, and gave her downy wings an experimental flex.

The changes were numerous, and not just physical, but Lilith hadn’t any regrets. Heaven was exquisite, truly paradise, and she could think clearly, unhampered by lust for chaos. There wasn’t much she missed, which made her ache. She hadn’t made a good decision listening to Lucifer. Joining, then leading, the Revolution was the greatest decision of her life.

She could watch the sunrise now.

Worlds Away

“He was my whole world.”

“Well that was your first mistake.”

Amy hadn’t liked Brandon, but Julia’s eyes once lit up at his voice, his face, his name. He could do no wrong, until he did, and now Amy was half heartedly picking up the pieces of Julia’s heart.

Seeing that her words did nothing to console her best friend, Amy said, “Look, we’re in a coffee shop. Dozens of cute guys are here. This could be the beginning of your rom-com.”

Julia sighed, looked up, straightened. Her eyes gleamed. She was daydreaming again.

There was no helping some.

After the Rain

It’s been a long time since the sun shone. The rain was torrential, and we huddled inside. Rei read a book, but I was restless. I longed to be outdoors, calming breeze on my face, doing anything, anywhere.

“Tea, Dani?” Rei asked.

“No, I wish this would end,” I replied.

“Good things come in time.”

So I drank tea and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, when I could wait no more, the rain eased to a trickle. Stopped. The clouds parted. Rei closed his book, held out his hand, and we walked out into a world which felt new.

Empty Nest

The house is cold, like the day we made it our home. That seemed a lifetime ago, when things were easier, happier. I trail my fingertips along the dust coated staircase, leaving long lines of chaos. When had it all fallen apart?

The house is empty now, save the memories. We were happy here, you and I. But you’re gone, and I’m still here. Do you remember our dreams? A family; traveling the world; growing old together. They’re far away, now.

It’s impossible to venture further. I turn and walk out the door. If I linger, I don’t look back.