Up to Chance

For Serene’s OC Chance at subeta. A companion to “Lucky Cards.”


The dice clatter on the sidewalk, and I grin. Eleven. Skateboarding off of rooftops. Today will be aces.

It sounds dangerous, but I’m a spirit. Nothing hurts anymore. I sometimes wish it did, a lesson learned far too late. Life was boring, though — death is much better. I can hang out on rooftops all day and don’t have to wait for scrapes to heal.

People mill below me, unaware of my presence. I have a game I play with myself: reading their futures until something pops out. Seven. A breakup. Six. A victory. Five. A wedding. Four. Three. Two. An accident.

How soon? A minute? An hour? I could stop it; I’ve done this before. I tried to roll for more information — dice were tricky. It was up to chance.

Chance. Hah, my name, get it? But I have more important matters at hand. The dice tumble, and I squint. A car, maybe? Before I can roll again, an encounter catches my eye. A spirit introducing herself to…a human?

I had known there were other spirits, but never saw another interacting with humans before.


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